Idaho’s Favorite Easter Treat

What is your favorite Easter Treat? I have always believed that I was apart of the “Normal People” group and firmly believed that chocolate bunnies were the #1 way to go for Easter treats. However, living in Idaho I guess that is not the case. Somehow, we have derailed in the sense that Idaho’s have listed Peeps as the #1 ranked Easter treat. Marshmallows with different colors that are covered in sugar in the shape of a duck? I don’t think so, that doesn’t exactly scream Easter in my book. There is nothing better than going with the classic chocolate bunny. It doesn’t even matter what kind of bunny it is, rather it is filled or hollow, big or small, white chocolate or dark chocolate, the chocolate easter bunny always wins…except in 42 states. Here is the full list of what each state has listed for their favorite Easter treat!

Easter Treat Map