Lisa Adams

I’m a Pacific Northwest native, married with three fabulous boys, a dog named Stella, two cats, Abbott and CeCe and some fish.  We are incredibly excited to call the Treasure Valley home once again after a few years in Seattle.

I love spending time with my family & friends, reading, listening to all kinds of music, camping, fishing, boating…basically anything to do with the outdoors!  I also love to visit the spa for mani/pedi’s!  I have an amazon prime and dark chocolate addiction. I am a certified life and wellness coach too! I’m passionate about giving back to our community so you’ll see me out and about from volunteering in my kids school, raising awareness for autism, mental health issues and joining the fight against cancer!

I love hanging out with you every day during your workday and I’m also the Program Director of this fabulous radio station so if you ever have song suggestions, email me please!

Thank you for listening and I look forward to meeting you in the very near future!