City of Boise proposes budget decrease for upcoming fiscal year


The city of Boise has proposed a budget decrease for the upcoming fiscal year.

Boise Mayor Lauren McLean released the details of her proposed $730 million budget, which is $34 million less than the current budget.

The Idaho Press reports, the budget includes no increases to property tax collections, other than for new construction, and accounts for revenue losses due to the economic contraction caused by COVID-19.

Day-to-day services are not expected to be cut despite the big loss in revenue. The city still has $1.7 million in cuts that “remain to be identified,” but the details will be forthcoming as the city gets closer to the end of the summer when the budget will be approved.

The new budget year starts Oct. 1.

Just a reminder – Taxes will still increase because of the sharp rise in real estate assessments throughout Ada County.