Middleton School District Board of Trustees Votes Flat Fee for Sports


After a week of rethinking the proposed pay-to-play fees, the Middleton School District board of trustees voted on a flat fee for each sport at the middle and high school levels.

The board on Monday passed a fee of $200 for high school sports and $100 for middle school sports.

The previous proposal, which sparked emails of concern from over 70 parents, would have set fees of $100 to $225 for middle school sports and $250 to $550 for high school sports, with some sports costing more than others.

The Idaho Press reports, the new flat fee rates leave about a $33,000 deficit in the district budget.

Superintendent Kristin Beck told the board she believes they would be able to make up some of the deficit through budget cuts, but would likely have to dip into the “rainy day fund.”